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Sep 16, 2012 6:00pm PDT
detroit lions gear. the chief believes putting officers in the opposing team's jerseys can cut down on fan violence. the sfpd used a sim laugh strategy during the nfl playoffs games last season and during dodger-giants games at at&t park. fans go through metal detectors as part of the new nfl security policy. >> marin county transit officials will decide tomorrow whether to accept a new less costly contract for bus service. the reduced rate contract would save the county a million dollars a year and will save the jobs of 125 golden gate transit workers. those jobs would be eliminated if marin county chose another bus service provider. >> alan: the last night of construction at sfo, at least this weekend. one of the main arrival runways is closed until tomorrow morning while crews work ago lengthening the runway and installing new lights. the construction will shut down the runway again during the weekends of september 21st and september 28th. >> ama: minutes ago nasa postponed the final flight of the space shuttle endef vow 24 hours due to bad weather. it will now be tuesday when it flies
Sep 20, 2012 6:00pm PDT
.s bad, starter brit anderson will miss the rest of the season and the good? oakland beat detroit. and he knew the team had been struggling and that wasn't the case today, seth smith delivers a solo shot and this sr his 14th of the season. and oakland tips a lead in the 6th. there is a one lined to center field. and there is over his head for a two-run triple. there is added six more runs in the ninth. smith again, clearing base with this double down the line. smith went through for four with four rbies. there is oakland out tied with baltimore and dangers by -- ranger business three and a half in the west. cal bears at usc. the trojans not in the best of moods after getting upset last week, yesterday, lane kifen cut his interview off after 30 seconds when asked about an injured player. >> this is not something i'm going comment on. >> you mentioned how kiki was playing sort of a -- . >> here we go. >> there are policies forbidding the media from asking about injuries seen while watching practice. >> there is brendan bigelow, an amazing story. he tour an acr in his right knew and when it
Sep 17, 2012 6:00pm PDT
've got to be ready to adjust. and... i thought our guys, though they were good for detroit were able to get it shut down, too. >> taking a look at laiders and wonder who are they going to beat? maybe jaksonville? there is no problem was long snapping yesterday. talking about niners and look at the raiders here. there is reggie bush with four tackles looks like an old usd tape. there is 11 carries for 22 yards in a 25-13 loss. and coach allen keeping players in today for a extra long session. >> not a fun meeting. you know you don't want to have too many thick things like that with the team watching an ugly film. you've got to do that in order to get better. >> and there is what we're going to do, learn from this one, move on and get ready for pittsburgh. >> i'm confident but you know, listen. it's a work in progress. and that is what it s we're going to keep working. >> and there is a lot of work to do. >> college football, stanford zoomed up after shocking usc and there is no luck involved and andrew or otherwise. the offense outgained sc in total yards and there bullies from biolog
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3